VC Campus Patrol

About Us

    Campus Patrol is an almost entirely student-run organization dedicated to the safety and security of the Vassar College community. Patrol works alongside the Offices of Safety & Security and Residential Life to provide the safest environment possible for students and guests within the residential houses and the campus as a whole. Patrol offers members of the Vassar community an active resource that allows for student-to-student conflict resolution, maintaining confidentiality, before the need to bring in Security is required. Our primary function is to prevent incidents and the need for disciplinary action within the college.

    The Evening Supervisor (Unit 5) is any member of the supervisory staff who on a given night manages all aspects of the nightly functioning of Patrol. The Evening Supervisor serves as a liason between Patrol and CRC (Campus Response Center). All transmissions run through Unit 5.

    The Campus Patrol office is located in Josselyn House Room 124. We can also be contacted by email at or by phone (during working hours: 6pm-1am Weekday & 6pm-2am Weekend) extension x7232.